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Extra large hurricane lamp
Ref: A1304; Price: R1750


2 Small marbled glass votifs
Ref: A1303; Price: R69 each


Cream lazer cut bowl
Ref: A1302; Price: R245


Pair of white and gold porcelain jars
Ref: A1301; Price: R450 each


Chinese flower pot
Ref: A1300; Price: R695


Beaded bull terrier
Ref: A1299; Price: R295


2 Ankole cow horns
Ref: A1296; Price: R300 each


3 large Bohero woven dishes
Ref: A1291; Price: R325 each


2 Bohero woven vases
Ref: A1290; Price: R175each


Large glass ginger jar
Ref: A1288; Price: R495


Metal standing Elephant
Ref: A1287; Price: R450 each


Carrol Boyes items
Ref: A1285; Price: Ice Bucket R2450; Bowls R495 each