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Ref: A1893; Price: R1150


Clay Asian soldier
Ref: A1892; Price: R595


2 large green glass hurricane lamps
Ref: A1891; Price: R375 each


2 antique asian rice buckets
Ref: A1890; Price: R795 each


2 aqua dimpled glass vases
Ref: A1887; Price: R295 each


Ref: A1880; Price: R1295 each


Large Pewter jug with wooden handle
Ref: A1879; Price: R695


Beaded proteas
Ref: A1878; Price: R125 each


Ceramic vases
Ref: A1876; Price: Tall Black and cream R295; Black bubble R195; square stone R150


Blue and white round dish
Ref: A1875; Price: R450


Cutout candleholder and 2 vases
Ref: A1873; Price: Candleholder R175; Vases R115 each